ACE Tour Funding

Many thanks to Arts Council England for committing to support the forthcoming tour. Their help is going to make a real difference (we’ll get paid!). First leg starts with Andy Schofield on 10th October, then the album launch on October 30th in BOLTON (back to my roots).

2 thoughts on “ACE Tour Funding

  1. Hi William. Great to meet you the other day and glad you enjoyed the gig. We had loads of fun! Nikki was my teacher actually! Still a great friend!
    Will get the cd in the post. Best wishes 🙂


  2. Spoke to you last night at The Cask and how I admired your playing outside both the rhythmic and harmonic forms. Have discoved the YouTube video of Keep Up. Thanks for a great gig. Best moments were the joy of coming upon It coud Happen to You in the middle of No Going Back and the beautiful blues resolution in the last bar of Keep Up. Your thoughful wander across the surprising changes reminded me of Bill Evans’ Orbit. To see what I’m retiring to Scarborough from after 40 years of arts promotion have a look at:
    Niki Iles has been there at least three times
    I hope to still be at Lyth at least once a year to host an occasional jazz gig. Will keep an eye on what you’re up to.
    William Wilson


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